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Police find attempts to escape Kuala Langat administrative MCO area

KUALA LUMPUR: There have been attempts by residents, believed to be foreigners in the Administrative Movement Control Command (MCO) area in Taman Langat Murni, Kuala Langat to escape from the area.

This was confirmed by police following the discovery of two bags containing clothing near the barbed wires that surrounded the area and signs at attempts to cut the barbed wires.

The incident was believed to have taken place a few days ago and was discovered by police on patrol after finding the bags containing the clothes, Kuala Langat District Police Chief Supt Azizan Tukiman told Bernama today.

In the meantime, he said, residents of the area were very obedient and complied with the instructions given to them and they only came out when necessary such as to buy essential items and during emergencies.

"Residents were also given a letter of confirmation from the Ministry of Health (MOH) when they were confirmed negative COVID-19 and they have also been allowed to return to work since Monday," he said.

He said the MCO was administratively scheduled to expire on June 16, subject to any instructions from the National Security Council and MOH.

The MCO was administratively imposed in Taman Langat Murni on June 3 following COVID-19 positive cases in the area.