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PATI pays as low as RM200 for fake ID? Watch out! Government will go all out to stop it

PUTRAJAYA: Illegal immigrants (PATI) who tried to defraud the country by using fake identity cards will not escape, said Senior Minister of Security (Datuk) Ismail Sabri, today.

He said any measures taken by PATI to 'legalize' their entry into this country would be eradicated completely.

"That's why our Ops Benteng continues and one of the things we are examining is their identity. This is to ensure that we know their status, whether they entered the country legally or otherwise. If they are proven to be using an illegal identity card, of course the government will take action.

"I believe the Ministry of Home Affairs through the Immigration Department will continue to take steps to ensure that undocumented foreigners with false identities will be treated strictly," he said at a press conference here on Friday.

He said this when asked to comment on allegations that PATI obtained fake documents to enter the country by paying between RM200 and RM300.

Earlier, at the same press conference, Ismail Sabri informed that 1,517 PATI had been detained under the integrated operation over various immigration offences, as of yesterday.