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EC: Hopefully voter's card holders will comply with voting time

PEKAN: Voters for the Chini state by-election who receive a voter's card are expected to abide by the 'encouraged voting time' information contained in the document when going out voting on July 4.

Election Commission (EC) chairman Datuk Azhar Azizan Harun said this was to avoid voters gathering in excessive numbers at any one time and to enable social distancing to be practiced when at the polling centres.

"Voters who have received their voter's cards or are already aware of the voting information too can immediately continue to the voting channel during polling day.

"This is because they do not have to make a check at the checking counter, instead they can immediately show their voter's card or voting information record along with their identity cards to the First Voting Clerk (KP1) in their respective channels," he said in a statement here today.

He said voter's card or or voting information record would facilitate the KP1 to conduct checks on the name of the voters and help to smoothen the polling process.

He said voters who did not receive the voter's card could check their voting information before the polling day.

He said the check could be made through the portal or by calling the EC hotline at 03-88927018 or through the MySPR Semak application or by sending a short message via short messaging service (SMS) to 15888 by typing SPR Semak Nombor Kad Pengenalan.

"For voters who have just conducted a check, they are encouraged to record and to keep the information on the polling centre, voting channels and voter registration status," he said.-- BERNAMA